Brittany Hunt

My Name Is...

Brittany Hunt, MS OTR/L
Occupational therapist

                   I am an occupational therapist for Dawson County School System, with my home base at Riverview Elementary School.  I am Nationally and State Certified, a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), the Georgia Alliance of School-Based Occupational and Physical Therapist (GASOPT), and my focus is in Pediatrics. I graduated from the University of Misericordia with a Masters of Science in Occupational therapy and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I am currently pursuing my clinical doctorate of occupational therapy at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. My husband is military and through our moves I have had the opportunity to work in the traumatic brain injury rehabilitation setting, hospital, outpatient, nursing home, and finally in my niche; the school system. I love helping students pre-school through high-school with everyday activities from handwriting to shoe-tying and technology.

My husband and I are Army veterans. We have two children, whom enjoy sports, traveling, camping, hiking, and Geocaching (in limited doses). I  LOVE coaching park and recreation basketball.  My favorite quote is "Deeds not Words." by Emmeline Pankhurst

(P.S. I am in the GREEN house! ) 

Dawson County School System has switched to the Schoology System. I will be creating a primary web site on the Schoology system hopefully by September 2017.