Mission & Beliefs

Dawson County Schools
Pursuing Excellence For All

To be an exemplary school district, with outstanding staff, that prepares students to compete globally. 

To provide quality instruction and student support in a nurturing environment that results in success for all. 

The Dawson County School System is committed to the following:
1. Graduation for all
2. Providing a secure and nurturing/supportive learning environment
3. Cultivating relationships with students, families, schools and community
4. Treating everyone with dignity and respect
5. Providing a challenging curriculum through research-based, data driven, differentiated instruction
6. Providing extra-curricular activities and other opportunities, which develop positive personal growth
7. Integrate current and emerging technologies to compete in the 21st Century. 

We believe...

1. Every child can learn. Every child is a person, regardless of their behavior, attitude,or ability, they deserve to be loved and taught with high expectations in a safe environment. 
2. Discomfort (mentally) in a problem-solving situation is essential to real learning. Students and teachers have to be taught skills and processes for problem solving and given regular, daily opportunities to collaboratively problem solve.
3. It takes a village to raise a child. Positive and productive relationships among the village are essential. A child and his caregivers benefit from a shared responsibility for developing a child (student). A high level if structured interdependence with a shared common vision results in a collaborative culture and a positive, trusting climate. 
4. Great organizations remain in a continuous state of improvement and maintain a genuine love for learning. These organizations are always challenging the process and require a working plan that includes tangible goals and actions. 
5. Where there is a will there is a way- Anything is possible. Children, staff, and parents can and will rise up to very high expectations with consistent encouragement, support, and skill training and coaching. 
6. Quality Matters. Work to exceed expectations whenever possible. Weather it's a daily classroom instruction, a conversation with a parent, or a student celebration, does our approach reflect what we would desire for our own personal children?
7. Perception is Reality. Customer service is as important as the product.
8. Effective leadership ensures that an organization lives out it's established beliefs. This is done through guidance, decision-making, influence, inspiration, motivation, modeling, and service. Everyone is in a position to be a leader. Leadership is the catalyst and product of a positive culture. 

One village. One goal. One passion.